Welcome to 70’s Music Revisited
A dozen or so years ago I began a Web site called 70’s Music Revisited. It was a time that YouTube was just beginning and I was discovering that there were many videos of old TV shows and concerts of the artist and groups of the 1970’s. For awhile I shared many of those videos I found.

But as often happens, the reason for the site vanished and for a number of years it remained, but without additional content.

At the beginning of 2018 the site disappeared, along with others, when I had issue with my hosting company.

A short while ago I decided to bring it back. Along the way I began looking at the Decade and its music and decided to research the decade. One of the conclusion I made was the music of the 1970’s in ways begun as 1968 closed.

This will be the place where I share my thoughts and discoveries and follow me as I do more research on the decade that many feel produced some of the greatest music ever made.

Steve Atkinson

Established December 2018