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Month: June, 2014

RIP: Gerry Goffin

June 19, 2014 | Commentary

By the 70′s the songwriting team of Carole King and Gerry Goffin had already ended with the divorce of the couple. But that didn’t keep acts in the ’70s from covering hits that the do wrote in the ’60s. Some of these included the Donny Osmond hits “Go Away Little Girl” and “Hey Girl” and […]

RIP: Casey Kasem

June 15, 2014 | Commentary

Sad news today hearing about the death of Casey Kasem. For those of us who grew up in the 1970′s his voice is well know. America’s Top 40 as well as the original voice of Shaggy of Scooby Doo. I spent many hours listening to the Top 40. Some of those were in the evening […]

June 1974

June 4, 2014 | 1974, Commentary

As the Class of ’14 at my old High School graduated and addressed by a member of the Class of ’74, I am thinking back on June of 1974. I was finishing my Sophomore year of High School, a year I term as my ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ year. Some could call it my ‘Happy […]