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Alice Cooper – School’s Out

June 22, 2009 | 1972, Alice Cooper, Group, Top 40

It was June of 1972. The group Alice Cooper had released a few albums, but they were still seen more of a novelty act based on the guy who decided to change his name to Alice Cooper. Other than I’m Eighteen, released in early 1971 they had seen little action on the charts.

That changed when they released the album School’s Out and its title song. It became an anthem for school children all over. And it still stands that way.

The single longest time for children is those last few minutes before the closing bell on the last day of school.

The album is a concept album based on kids and school. The cover looks like an old school desk and inside the original wrapped around the desk was a pair of girl’s panties. Those dirty boys.

The song reached the Top 10 peaking at Number 7 during the summer of 1972. The album reached Number 2.

In the Uk the song was an even bigger hit reaching Number 1.

So for all of those school kids from the 1970s who waited for that last day of school and those of today.

It’s School’s Out – Completly

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