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Remembering the Music of the 1970's

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Category: One Hit Wonder

Starland Vocal Band – Afternoon Delight

March 30, 2014 | 1976, Number 1, One Hit Wonder

Today it is used in a Taco Bell Commercial, but in 1976 it was one of the most popular songs of the summer. One that was loved by many then, but within a few years hated by many of those who loved it. The Starland Vocal band was made up of the married couple Bill […]

Ocean – Put Your Hand in the Hand

January 19, 2011 | 1971, Group, One Hit Wonder, Top 40

Ocean was form in London, Ontario and had singer Janice Brown, singer-keyboardist Greg Brown, bassist Jeff Jones, guitarist Dave Tamblyn and drummer Chuck Slater as their members. Put Your Hand In the Hand was their Their first single, released in 1970 reaching the single charts in early 1971 The song was written by Gene McLellan. […]

R. B. Greaves – Take a Letter Maria

October 30, 2009 | 1970, Male, One Hit Wonder, Top 40

The song about infidelity, first by the wife of the singer and then the singer himself towards his secretary Maria. The song reached Number 2 on the Billboard charts towards the end of 1969 and really shouldn’t be classified as a song of the 1970s. But it was a favorite of this author’s and I […]

Gary Glitter – Rock and Roll

August 11, 2009 | 1972, Male, One Hit Wonder

Part 2: The song is best known as the “Hey Song” and has been played at countless sporting events since its recording in 1972. Part 2 is the best known part of the song. Part one is more of a vocal track, with actual lyrics, while the only words in part 2 is ‘Hey’. The […]