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Edgar Winter Group – Frankenstein

July 2, 2011 | 1973, Group, Number 1, Top 40

The early ’70′s had some great instrumentals and one of the best came out in 1973 with the Edgar Winter Group and Frankenstein. Here is a nearly 9 minute live version of the song that may even be better than the album cut from They Only Come Out at Night.

Now you can hear a very short clip of it on the ATT commercial. Sit back and enjoy it in its entirety.

As you can see Edgar Winter has a strap over his neck to hold his keyboard similar to holding a guitar. He was the first to do this. His reason was that by sitting behind the keyboard he wasn’t able to interact with the audience like those on guitar.

The album version of the song was timed at 4:44. When released as a single it only had a running time of 3:28. In concert it wasn’t uncommon for them to jam for nearly 10 minutes or more.

Why the name Frankenstein? That comes from the fact that it’s actually a song that was pieced together from a number of different ‘jams’, just like Frankenstein’s monster was pieced together from parts from multiple bodies.

The song was on the charts in the spring of 1973 reaching the top spot in May. It didn’t do quite as well in the UK peaking at Number 18.

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