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June 1974

June 4, 2014 | 1974, Commentary

As the Class of ’14 at my old High School graduated and addressed by a member of the Class of ’74, I am thinking back on June of 1974. I was finishing my Sophomore year of High School, a year I term as my ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ year. Some could call it my ‘Happy Days’ phase, since my standard dress throughout the year was jeans, white tee and a jean jacket.

I was also moving away from my teeny bopper stage of music. So what was I listening to in June of 1974?

1974 saw a new strange craze on college campuses. It was called Streaking. In short, people would shed their clothes and run naked through crowds. Comedy recording artist Ray Stevens created a song that everyone seemed to be listening to.

Elton John had released in the fall of ’73 what many would call his greatest album “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”. While he would soon release ‘Caribou’ Bennie and the Jets was leaving the single charts while Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on You was climbing them.

It was in 1974 that saw the release of possibly the best release by Paul McCartney and Wings, ‘Band on the Run’. The single was climbing the charts in June of 1974.

It was also the time that John Denver and Olivia Newton John was on top of the charts. Denver had just release his “Back Home Again” album and the song for his then wife Annie’s Song was on everyone lips. John’s If You Love Me (Let Me Know) was peaking in June of 1974.

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